Sophia Kalantzis

Birthday: September 20th 2005

Home Break: Cocoa Beach, Fl. 2nd Street North (Where legends are made)

Favorite Day Of The Week: I find something amazing in every day, but mostly saturday because I can spend time with my friends in the ocean.

The Best Wave I've Ever Surfed: It was during the hurricane swell joaquin, overhead and firing for days.

Favorite Moment In The Water: Anytime I am with my best friends bree and gracie surfing and swimming.

When I'm Not Surfing, You Can Find Me: Finding a way to help save our planet and our animals. Usually doing this while on a skateboard.

Studies: School Of Surf

Languages: English for now, but would love to learn many

If I Were An Animal, I Would Be ... A mermaid! Yes they are real! Maybe I already am one.

I Surf Because... I love being in the ocean with nature and it makes me happy.